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1.Please kindly provide the accurate packing slip which includes :
shipper, consignor, notify party, place of departure, place of destination, invoice number,
container number or flight number, picking up address, picking up date, terms of payment;
commodity name, total quantity , quantity of each box, total quantity of cartons,net weight
/bottle, total net weight, total gross weight, type of package(carton
box or wooden box),unit size of carton(length*width*height)/carton, total volume, quantity
of pallet, net weight of each pallet(net weight of pallet is included in the total gross
weight), it must have clear mark of IPPC and country of origin on the original wooded pallet.
2.Please kindly provide the photos of obverse side and reverse side for each style of wine
on which the stickers are showed clearly in order that we can check if
it is in accordance with what we file on the record in advance with the CIQ(China Inspection
and Quarantine Bureau).
3 Please ensure REMARK on each package on which good description/model/quantity must be showed
4. Please put one carton for every style of the wine adjacent to the door of the container
for the purpose of spot-check by CIQ(China Inspection and Quarantine Bureau).
5. Please provide packing list separately if there is more than one containers,one packing
list for one container.
6.Careful inspection job is required to prevent upside-down, assortment (mixed stowage),
overloading or shortage of loading.
7. Please take protection measures as below:
Inside the cartons: paper plates or plates made of other materials are required to use to
protect every bottle of wine. to separate every bottle of wine from
each other.
Inside the container: If there is space left after loading, please use fillings for fix-up
and stuffing to ensure that the bottles won't shake or be broken during sea transportation.  
If there were wines packaged upside-down, please put these cartons of wine on those correctly
packaged ones to avoid collapse. 
8. Please take a close-up view photo before seal the container to show the final
status of cargo loaded in container.

PART II Documents Requirement

1. At present the documents required by Chinese government for wine import are as below:
Invoice/Packing List in triplicate provided by seller
Certificate of Origin with one original and two sets of copies signed by designated organization
Health Certificate/ Free-sales Certificate with one original signed by designated organization
Bottling Certificate with one original provided by winery
Ingredient Analysis with one original signed by designated organization
Purity Certificate with one original signed by designated organization
Unprocessed Certificate with one original signed by designated organization. (Apply to Red
Wine origin of agreed-tariff production areas).
Original House Bill of Lading (transportation in Ocean way)or Airway Bill(transportation in
Other documents required by Chinese government.
Certificate of grape variety(provided by seller in case of no grape variety in the lables)
2. Please check carefully if your side provides the full set of documents according to the requ
irements of Chinese government and if the information on the documents is correct. Also please
ensure the information among every kind of documents is the same, the information on the docume
nts is in accordance with the actual shipped cargoes and trade terms.
3.Please provide the documents without delay. The original documents should be sent to bank under
the L/C payment or courier to us under T/T payment. One set of scanning copy is needed before you
send out the originals so that we can check and prepare import customs declaration documents in
4.The designated carrier should provide the Ocean House Bill of Lading to us in one week after the
cargoes has been loaded. Please inform us promptly, if you don't receive the Ocean House Bill of
Lading in one week , so that we can coordinate with the carrier to resolve this problem.
Any further questions, please feel free to contact us . Thanks.
Shenzhen Speed-up Int'l Logistics Co., Ltd.,



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